Monday, August 2, 2010

Jori is here!

well actually she is 13 days old today. hard to believe how fast the time goes now that she is here. i wanted to share a few of her first photos and a link to a website i made that has tons more photos on it.

Jori was born on July 20th, just one day past her due date. i am so glad that we waited and praise the lord we didnt have to wait to much longer. She was 7 lbs 11 oz 20.5 inches (my smallest baby) She is perfect from head to toe. She has long fingers and toes like her big sister Raelyn, has a full head of dark soft hair, and the sweetest little lips. We are so blessed with 4 healthy children. So on to her birth story....

Monday July 19th was baby WIds due date. I had a doctors appointment that morning where we were going to discuss being induced by the doc breaking my water. None of us could believe I had even made it that long to begin with since i had been dilated 3 cm since week 35 and 4 cm since week 38! We thought for sure we were going to have an early baby. There was so much anticipation building between mom being here and the camp going on. I was so ready to have a baby but didnt want to risk being put on pitocin if she had broke my water and then I didnt go into labor on my own. I had had all the other kids naturally and was hoping to do that again this time around. So we left the doctors office with the choice not to induce and leave it up to God’s perfect timing. We both felt a peace about waiting.

Tuesday July 20th, Dave had things taken care of out at the camp so he spent the afternoon with us here at the house. I sewed a couple of new dresses for the girls to wear to the hospital when the visited the new baby. I had a few strong contractions during the day but nothing consistent. Dave wanted to take us all out to dinner that night so we picked a local mexican restaurant. As we walked in the door around 6pm I had a HUGE contraction. Then through out dinner I had a few more. They were becoming more consistent and stronger. Dave wanted to head across the street to Dairy Queen for dessert and I told him I thought he better bring me home so I could get a shower and get ready to have a baby! He was pretty bummed I wouldnt allow him to get a Blizzard :)

After getting a shower, loading up the truck, and saying good bye to the kids and mom, we arrived at the hospital around 7:30pm. They put the monitors on to check the babys heart rate while I was contracting. They told me I only had to be in the bed with the monitors for about 10 minutes. Well the silly machine kept getting a paper jam and they were never able to get a good “strip”. I wanted so badly to be up on my feet laboring and not in the bed. Before I knew it I was 7 cm dilated and the doctor had come in and broke my water. Then the contractions started coming really strong and hard. Still laying on my back, I felt defeated and frustrated. It wasnt long and I was feeling the need to push. I have to say I had gotten a little out of control this time around. I felt so calm and in control of my body when I delivered Brenna, it was an amazing experience. This time around I was a slightly louder :)

Baby Jori was born at 9:58pm. We had to ask the doc if it was a boy or girl. “It’s a Girl!” Thank goodness it was a fast one, I dont think I could have done it any longer. Dave was a HUGE support, poor guys says I had him in a head lock for the last couple of pushes :) I couldnt have done it without him. He is an amazing husband and father.

After Jori was born the nurses let me keep her right on my chest and nurse her for about an hour before they took her to clean her up or even measure and weigh her. I LOVED this special time with her! They have never done that with any of my babies before. They had always checked them out a little and brought them back all bundled up in blankets. I loved having her body right up against mine and enjoyed “inspecting” her with Dave looking right over my shoulder. It was a special time for the three of us.

hope to be back to blogging again soon.


Ruth Poirier said...

Just finished enjoying the website, and now catching up here!! A Grandma's delight!! Such great pictures of such beautiful children. Love you and miss you all.

Tara said...

She is beautiful!!!! Loved reading her birth story too!!!

Linda said...

So happy for you all and glad you headed to the hospital when you, no time to waste for sure! Jori is gorgeous and a great blessing from the Lord!

leah said...

so happy for you Bonnie!! Sounds like momma and baby are doing great!!