Saturday, August 7, 2010

one week old

at one week old i took jori outside to try to do a little mini newborn photo shoot with her. i was home alone at the time so it was just me and her. no other set of extra hands. i wanted to take some photos of her in the blanket that GG had knitted for her and also a blanket that i had sewed. i wanted to take some photos of her without her diaper. i have always wondered how photographers do that without the baby peeing or pooping all over everything.
well its a good thing these toes are so cute b/c she did just that... PEED and POOPED all over the beautiful hand made WHITE blanket that GG made. i had just changed joris diaper before we went out and it was dirty so i thought maybe she was done. not the case. she had a lot more to go. it was everywhere. however i didnt stop shooting. i tried cleaning her up a bit and then got a few more shots in. she didnt seem to mind but i was so scared that it was going to stain the blanket.

once i was done take a few more photos i got jori all cleaned up and back in the house and then i filled the sink with some borax and soaked the blanket. then i washed it in our homemade detergent. i thought this would be a really good test for it. and it came out perfectly perfect. not a single spot. so for those of you who wanted to know about the laundry soap, i am a fan. we have been using it ever since we made it. it makes out clothes super soft. it doesnt have much of a scent so if you like you clothes really smelly (in a good way) you might want to add your own fabric softener or you can add essential oils to your soap.

and yes i really did lay her right in the grass. dave couldnt believe it :) she is touch, shes a widmaier.

anyway, i got some pics that will help remind me of her tininess at one week old but mostly i will think about the poop explosion that happened when i look at these. :)


Linda said...

These are the colors and glad the "stain" came out!

Ruth Poirier said...

Yeah for home made laundry soap!!!