Thursday, August 26, 2010

garrets bday hike

aug 15th was garrets 7th birthday. we decided to go on hike to one of our favorite places on viking mountain. it is a pretty long drive up to the top but then the hike is pretty easy for the kids to get out to the black stack cliffs. so we packed a picnic dinner and picked up some cupcakes and headed up the mountain.

if you are wondering why i have not changed my header in so long, the above picture might explain why. i have not even attempted a photo with all 4 kids yet.
dakota loves to go on the hikes with us

eating our dinner
the box of candles i brought only had 4 in it!! oh well we laughed and then enjoyed our cupcakes just the same.

Happy birthday big guy. We are proud of you and pray for you every day.


leah said...

How fun! And look at you with Jori strapped to your chest AND hiking! You go girl!

Linda said...

What a fun birthday celebration and I'm with go girl hiking near cliffs with a baby strapped to your chest and three other children to keep up with!

Ruth Poirier said...

what a beautiful looking day, for a b-day celebration.