Monday, October 25, 2010

addition week 2

a lot has happened in a week.... monday they poured concrete. can you tell the sun isnt even really up yet, the cement truck still has all its lights on! my husband is crazy. he is good but he is crazy :)
tuesday they started framing...
they got the first floor entirely framed, second floor trusses up and stairs built
this is the second story floor plan
wednesday they decked the trusses and built two second story walls
this photo is of the deck that will be outside our new master bedroom.
this photo is of the new downstairs addition, this will become the new family room. the wall that is blue will be coming out and will be looking right into the kitchen.
and this is where they had to cut into the existing roof ... dave worked on sunday trying to dry it in b/c we had a lot of rain coming today. we did have some leaks but nothing to damaging.
so here's to another weeks worth of big changes.


leah said...

Wow!! It's amazing how much they can just get done IN A WEEK! What a difference this is going to make!

Heather said...

wow! very impressive. i'm sure it will feel like a mansion at first! :) So you must be doing the kitchen too right? because isn't the sink and everything attached to that blue wall you're knocking down?

Ruth Poirier said...

AMAZING!! Can't wait to sit on the deck with you and watch the kids playing in the yard.

Tara said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how fast it is going up! Yes, that Dave of yours is one talented guy!!! Cannot wait to come visit you and see it in person!