Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brenna's Third Birthday

sweet little brenna is now THREE! cant believe this. actually it has felt like she has been three for awhile now. she is just so independent and grown up it was hard for me to think of her as a two year old for awhile now. she decided she wanted to have a zebra party and that she wanted it to be a pink zebra party, so that is what we tried to do. we just had a few friends and family here and enjoyed a wonderful fall day in the backyard.
and yes, we even painted pink stripes on lily to make her look like a pink zebra! crazy i know. lily was SO good and just stood there the whole time i did it. i used washable paint and it all came right off. the camp was given this little miniature horse named reno and brenna just loves him. she takes him for walks. aunt debbie helped us out by trailering the horses out to the house and back.
i made a pink zebra fondant cake. the first one in awhile. i think it might be my last one for awhile too. just to much work with all the other little things and little people going on right now.
she opened her gifts and loved each one. after the party, we watched her new sweet pea beauty movie and had pizza for dinner. i love this picture of her holding on to one of her new gifts as she watched her new movie.
then on her actual birthday we had a little celebration lunch her at home. she was one proud little three year old. her big thing she wanted for her birthday was to get her ears pierced. she totally came up with this on her own. so on friday we went and she picked them out and got them pierced. more to come on that soon.

we LOVE you so much brenna. you are always making us laugh. you give the best hugs around the neck and you are just so precious to us. we love watching you grow up into the young lady you are becoming.


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Brenna! I love the pink zebra theme, and can't believe you painted the horse! Girl, you are so talented. The cake is adorable and I can't wait to hear more about the ear piercing!!!

leah said...

What a cute theme. Great job on the cake, it looked awesome! I can't believe you painted the horse either, that is hilarious!

kenzie said...

aww brenna is 3! miss u all sooo much! lve ya!

Ruth Poirier said...

Gram's girl is sooo big. Pink "zebras", pink earrings,great looking cake sure wish we could have had been there. LOVE YOU B