Thursday, October 14, 2010

camping with daddy

the kids had a nice long weekend last weekend for Columbus Day. daddy has been really busy on the weekends because there have been a lot of groups at the camp. this has been really good for the camp but it has been a little harder on the kids and i. so when we realized the kids had a few days off school we planned a camping trip. dave took the kids out to horse creek on sunday around 3, they set up camp, collected fire wood, played in the creek, and then jori and i met them for hotdogs and smores over the fire. the spot they got was AWESOME. the above picture shows the creek that they camped right next to. you can see the red tent in the middle of the picture.
the weather was just perfect. warm enough to play in the water but then really started cooling down as the sun went down.
dave at the back of his truck with this little grill cooking up some onions. he was so excited to get out all his old camping gear and use it again.
the kids had a blast! they searched for cray fish...
brenna was SO excited that she got to be a big kid too and stay in the tent...
this is one of my favorite pictures

i cant get a serious picture out of garret anymore these days. he collected this fire wood and made the teepee to get it started. he was proud.

raelyn was a trooper and collected a bunch of kindling.
and heres the whole gang! they had a great time. dave is a great daddy. i am blessed by how much he loves us all.


leah said...

How much fun Bonnie!! Looks like you guys had a great time, and I love the spot that you got!

Linda said...

Ernie and I both grew up camping with our families, so we tried to do it with our kids as well. So important to get away and just be together in God's amazing creation! Your pictures are beautiful!

Tara said...

Oh how fun! Maybe the next time we head to TN we can all go camping together, just like our families did when we were growing up. I have such fond memories of playing in the lake and woods with you!