Saturday, October 2, 2010

sebring part 2

love that smile :)

brenna jumping to aunt nicole

on the search for tad poles

our good friends heather and james came from atlanta with their sweet fam. their kids and our kids got along great. we really need to get together with them more often. heather and i play pretty well together too :) you can check out her creative blog here.

as i sit here and type this morning it is pretty chilly. i have a sweat shirt and socks on and sure do wish i was still sitting on that warm beach. i am a florida girl at heart.

garret did great this trip. he knee boarded on the long line behind the boat numerous times and then skied on the boom and leader line by himself. we were very proud of him.
so thats the end of sebring until next memorial day or labor day.


Linda said...

I love how clear the water is, how gradual the incline and how sandy the beach is! We have red clay beaches on our lakes and very muddy water! Great pictures!

Ruth Poirier said...

every thing looks so beautiful in these pictures, especially all the smiles on my grandkids. so glad you all are making this adventure a tradition for your kids too.