Thursday, October 7, 2010

finding froggy

jori is 10 weeks old in these pictures... she has discovered she can use her hands for more than just "boxing". :) if we clasp her little fist around a toy for her she will play with it for a long time. she seemed to really like froggy the other day and i cant lay the baby down with out my second move being getting the camera. i just love those chubby little hands and how serious she is about "tasting" froggy and figuring out what he is.

i like the blurriness in these photos as it shows how much she is kicking and moving while playing with froggy.


Ruth Poirier said...

adorable, it's crazy going from one blog to the next seeing jori in a sun dress on a blanket in the yard to in the house with long sleeves and feet.

kenzie said...

awwwww 2 cute!!!! miss u. she's growing to fast w/o us watchin!! come visit soon so we can be with u guys!! i love the little frogy it looks like it will be her life long baby toy! love ya