Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 months old

look who's 7 months old! on feb 20th jori turned 7 months old and like i predicted she decided to crawl a week before she turned 7 months. she is everywhere! she loved the big kid toys and could care less about her own. it is crazy to me how she knows the difference. i no longer need to vacuum because she just goes around and scarfs everything down. hey a little dirt dont hurt right?
big blue eyes! sorry about the boo boo gram, crawling also leads to little bumps and bruises.
at 7 months she is playful as ever, still easy going, and full of smiles.
she was a trooper while i was sick and unable to nurse her.
she took a bottle like a champ.
during that time she also started pooping regularly and has no more problems with constipation.
she has been waking up around 6, nurses and goes back to bed. if dave can take garret to school she will sleep til 8, but some days i have to wake her up to take garret. she nurses again around 8, just today started giving her cereal in the morning, then nurses and goes down for a nap around 10. sleeps till 12 eats a fruit or veggie (i have made some of her baby food but not as much as the other kids. i just can beat Big Lots prices on organic baby food. whenever i see it there, i buy in bulk) drink a bottle of formula ( my milk supply really decreased while i was sick and i just havent been able to build it back up) then we play and do the school pick up thing.

she takes another nap around 4 and sleep til about 5 or 5:30. we all eat dinner together at 6. she loves to sit in high chair and eat her baby food with us. if we are having soft veggies i even through a few of those on her tray. she loves her puffs and does a great job feeding herself.

she has two bottom teeth that you can kind of see in the above picture. i have not been able to get any better ones.
i dont have updates on her weight and height. havnt been to doc in awhile. i need to make her well check up appointment soon. just hate to go into the office (even with the well child waiting room) with so much sickness going around.

hoping to post a video soon of our little crawler. any tips from my fellow bloggers. having a hard time getting it to upload.


Linda said...

Such a cutie! Can't wait to meet her one day...course she will be walking by then!

Tara said...

What a big girl, Bonnie! Crawling and eating real food~ My, my, my!!!

PS. Blogger video was driving me crazy so I have started uploading "unlisted" videos on YouTube, and then embedding the HTML code into my post... Works like a charm!

leah said...

She's adorable, can't believe she's 7 months already!!

Ruth Poirier said...

She's so beautiful, booboo's and all. I thought she just had chapped skin from cutting teeth. I can't wait to see all of you, especially this li'l chick crawling

Em said...

wow she has grown, and it has not even been a month since I saw her!