Thursday, March 10, 2011


i know i have said this before but blogging is such a bitter/sweet thing for me. sometimes i feel so overwhelmed by it and what i feel like i need to post, who is reading it? will they leave a comment? is anyone even remotely interested in "our little life in the big ol' world".

then there are other things i really love about it. that i can share with family that dont live close by what we have been up. that i can keep in touch with friends through their blogs almost like we lived next door. that i can get some creative juices flowing and even sometimes just veg out in front of the computer screen.

but the biggest reason right now is that i can peer into the lives of other christian moms that are in the same boat as i, trying to raise their families and love their husbands as God intended.i feel i have a connection with them.

recently i have come across more and more blogs of christian moms doing their best juggling all that moms have going on and even finding a little time for themselves. they have been such an encouragement to me. i am going to try to add some of them to my sidebar so you can check them out as well but i wanted to share this one post specifically with you.

this is just a part of her post here. she is talking about how sometimes we as moms will belittle the things we do that we enjoy like, blogging, sewing, crafting, reading, whatever it is and try to make it seem like it is meaningless. i really like her perspective on how those things are God given desires HE puts in our hearts and when we follow those desires we can do those things for his glory. her words are better then mine.... read on....

What I really wish everyone knew is that....if you are using your talents, gifts and abilities for the Lord and sharing Him through it...

You ARE saving lives.

Did you know that? Can you even comprehend that?

Who knows who YOU will touch by taking photos, painting on a canvas, applying makeup, giving someone a new hair-do, delivering meals to the elderly, writing poetry, running a marathon, painting a chair, sewing some tote bags or sharing a recipe.
God can use anything to reach people for Him.
We just need to notice and live out our passions, rather than hide them or allow them to make us feel vulnerable.

There are no entry points that are too small for the Lord to use.

Strap on some confidence and go be used today.
Who needs to go to 8 years of medical school to save some lives?

You could be savin' lives simply doing what you love.
click here to read the rest of this great post.

so what do you think? do you agree?


Tara said...

Absolutely agree! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth Poirier said...

it's a challenge to think i could be saving a life by maybe delivering a meal, but i do agree. it will surely make me take more pride and pleasure and prayer as i do what GOD gave me the ablities to do.

Big EZ said...

Bon, don't forget the countless lives that will be touched and affected by the four little missionaries that the Lord has provided you to instruct with His word: "Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." Deuteronomy 11:19. Enjoy this time as before you know it they will be off and having babes of their own. We welcomed grand baby #5, Emery, to this world just this last Tuesday morn. We love you Bon!!!