Monday, March 14, 2011

while you were out 2011

the first week in march i celebrated my 31 birthday! it feels good actually. when i first got married and then had garret everyone always said "you're so young!". now 4 kids and 10 1/2 years later it feels good to say i'm 31. friday was a busy day. i had MOPS in the morning, then a friend was coming into town, then garrets class had a little play at 1:00 and then it was time to go pick up kids again. i had a few minutes in between MOPS and the play so i came home really quick and walked into my mudroom to see this!!!!! a huge surprise. a great, wonderful, beautiful surprise.
well it wasnt exactly like this, because it hadnt been painted yet. but it was still amazing.
dave is such an amazing builder. he had been working on these cabinets little by little the week before and then finished them up and brought them in the house on my birthday.
we decided to paint them a dark grayish blue and then i put a stain over top trying to make it a little antiqued looking. i found some hooks at lowes and i just LOVE the way it turned out. we still need to find some baskets for the top cubbies and also for the shoe cubbies. not sure if i want wire baskets or some other kind.
i want to do something a little different with the wall that has the frame on it. not sure yet, but some kind of bulletin board maybe.
i also wanted to share the new globe i got when heather and i went out antique shopping. yes JUST heather and i. no kids attached :) it was a very lovely few hours.

if you want to see the "while you were out" surprise dave did for me on my 29th birthday you can see it here.


Courtney said...

Bonnie, I love the cabinets! What a great way to organize everyone's stuff!

Tara said...

Oh my goodness, Bonnie! I absolutely love them!!!!! What a wonderful birthday surprise. Way to go, Dave!

PS. Can I place my order for some?!? J/K. No room for them in this house...but if we ever move, I'm going to put in my custom order to have some made!!!!! I love them!!!!

cheersforthreegreers said...

Wow! This looks amazing! What a great birthday present! Some of my favorite memories from your house were in this room. Loved hanging out in there with all the girls when we stayed there last year! Thanks for being so good about updating your blog! Love reading about you and your sweet family! Miss you friend!

Emily Shipley said...

it is beautiful! I love it and I am sure you do too! Way to go Dave!