Thursday, March 31, 2011

jori 8 months old

yep got it in right before the end of the month.... really, it cant possibly be the end of the month, but it is!

jori turned 8 months old on march 20th. so much has happened in the last month. she is really changing and growing SO fast. way faster than i would like. i LOVE babies. i wish they stayed babies longer.
she is crawling everywhere! so fast now. if she can hear the big kids somewhere, that is where she is headed. she just loves to be near them.
she is now pulling up and standing all the time too. it was a good thing we lowered her crib last month b/c just a day later we found her standing up in her crib, quite proud of herself too.
-she loves to play big kid toys and could really care less about her own
-she is eating more and more table food like small pieces of chicken, soft veggies and fruits and bread
-she is making lots of new sounds... she clicks her tongue, says, ba ba ba, da da da, and now just since last night says ma ma ma. garret loves that she says ba ba. he thinks she is saying it for brother. it is so cute. we have never called garret "bu bu" so he came up with it all himself and is also quite proud that she says it :)
-she loves to bounce in the johnny jump up
-we have had to make a blockade to keep her confined and we do so by lining up the kitchen stools across the couches
-we moved her into the bigger carseat so she now rides in the shopping cart like a big girl and sits in a high chair at a restaurant
-i think she looks so much like garret. and is becoming more and more like he was as a baby as well. now that she is mobile she is much less content to be held. she wants to be down and on the go.
-she also does "so big" and claps her hands now. see it was a busy month! you can see the blur in the above picture.... thats how i feel right now. that her first year is going by like a blur.

slow down sweet girl!


Tara said...

Bonnie, she is getting cuter and cuter! I just love her blue eyes and her chunky arms. Such a big girl!!! And the relationship she has with Garret is so special. Loved this post!

katiew said...

So sweet! I love these action shots and the videos you put up. And time is definitely flying by. In the meantime, you're raising some pretty sweet kids! :)

Emily said...

Wow, she is growing up way too fast! I love the updates.

Emily said...

Wow, she is growing up way too fast! I love the updates.

Ruth Poirier said...

loved seeing jori and garret together playing, special. she is another mover and shaker for sure.