Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mending the soul

found this sign on another crafty blog here..... i feel like i related so much to it. this past week especially. lately my introverted self has been wanting to take over so badly. seriously i would be completely happy to have a week to myself with no one to talk to. life as a mother does not allow much time for my introverted self to get a break and recharge. there are some days i just NEED to craft. paint. sew. just do something with my creative side where i dont have to talk to much and feel like i can get something accomplished and see a finished product in a short amount of time.
i found this great doll pattern on line here and just knew i had to try it out. i have found a few other patterns in the past but this seemed the easiest and i just fell in love with the stitching in the hair.
i did a few things differently, i used fabric for the the face, hair and hands instead of wool felt, and i made it look like they had tights on instead of "skin" on their legs.

i started out making one as a gift for a friend and while i was making it the girls were begging for one of their own. so i let them pick out their own fabrics and these are what they came up with. i just love their choices.
i stitched little letter badges for each of their dolls as well.
they love them and i love that they love them. and after sewing something, i feel as though my soul had a little mending as well.


Linda said...

I think I know and love someone else who might feel that sewing mends the soul at times...and you are certainly following in her footsteps when it comes to talent! Beautiful dolls Bonnie and so happy making them felt so good for you!

Tara said...

Oh Bonnie, these are too cute!!!! You are amazing!!!

Kristin said...

Too cute Bonn! Glad you got a little time in to work on an ART PROJEECCT!

Ruth Poirier said...

I never heard that saying but I love it and glad you had a little "mending time" these dolls are just the cutest and you did such a great job, I LOVE how you adapt and make them your own.

Em said...

so cute!

Em said...
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