Saturday, March 19, 2011


last week in review:
sunday: dave left to head to florida to help dad work on renovations on their house.
monday: mom and kenzie arrived in tennessee at 12:30
tuesday: grocery shopping with all the girls
wednesday: took mom and kenzie shopping to a few stores they dont have in fl. hit a used furniture store and found a great chair to redo for our bedroom. i know i still have not posted pics of the upstairs yet. i have a hard time taking a photo of it if it not completely done, which it is not.
thursday: rae woke up with fever, she stayed in jammies, the rest of us wore green. garret received a great report card so we celebrated with root beer floats in green cups and topped with whipped cream and green sprinkles. oh my the root beet floats were SOOO good.

friday: took rae to doc, says its viral has to work itself out. garret comes home with fever and is now going through the same yucky stuff as rae. just totally whipped out.
saturday: mom and i work on chair redo a little and then get ready to head to airport with a bunch of sick kids.

even though the kids have been sick and out of it, mom and i had a great time together. kenzie was an awesome help and even held the fort down a couple of time while mom and i ran out. thanks for coming girls. loved having you here. hope you dont bring our germs home with you.


Big EZ said...

Yea for root beer floats! Sounds like a great week (except for the sick little ones). I know that Ruth had a great time. Our best to you! Love, ez

Tara said...

So sorry that you guys have a virus going through the house! But so glad that your Mom and Kenzie came~ What a great time it looks like you had! We love root beer floats :)