Tuesday, September 13, 2011

jori 13 months

holy moly... as i write this jori is just a week away from being 14 months! so we will do a little catching up.

jori did a lot of growing up from 12 months to 13 months... more so in the personality department then actual physical growing. she seems pretty tiny to me but we just had a check up yesterday and she was 22 lbs and in the 75% for weight so i guess she is not that tiny, maybe just seems that way because the other kids are growing like weeds.... we went to a place called Fun Expedition last week and the kids wanted to do the bumper cars. earlier this summer, realyn wasnt tall enough, but just last week she was! man, they grown fast.

jori is becoming more and more playful and silly. i love to see this little side of her.
she loves her daddy most of all!
she loves to play with the big kid toys and not her own, or pull all the granola bars out of the cabinet. not sure why, but she likes those best.
she says "hi" to everyone that says hi to her.
she has 8 teeth.
she is mostly weened from the bottle. i still give her her morning milk in a bottle. she like it better that way.
she is a pretty good eater.
she battles with constipation :(
she loves her blanket, i dont let her carry it around during the day but as soon as she gets it in her crib she snuggles right up with it.
she still uses a paci at bed time, still trying to keep her from sucking her thumb.
she loves to read books.
she LOVES shoes and socks. she will find a lone sock on the floor and bring it over to me to put on her foot. so funny.

she loves to walk and be independent.
she loves to be outside and take it all in.
she loves dakota and our cats.
she LOVES it when the big kids pay attention to her and play with her. she seems to be really fond of garret right now.
she is content to sit in her high chair and watch a little tv. the other girls never did this, although garret did at this age.
one not so lovely thing is she can throw a full on temper tantrum. if you pull her away from something she wants she will fall to the floor and lay flat out. not a ton of screaming but def a protest. not sure how to handle this with her being so small. the other kids never really had temper tantrums like this, especially this young. praying for wisdom on this one.

finally a picture of her cute little teeth. i think that wraps it up. dont you just love her cute headband. i'll tell you about it tomorrow.


leah said...

what a big girl. Love these photos, her outfit and headband are adorable. I can't believe how big she is... I see so much of Garrett in her!

Tara said...

What a big beautiful girl! Love the 13 month update..and the headband too!

Kenzie said...

Omigoodness!!!!! She is getting so big and she is SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!!! awww I love it! Tell her to stop growing and just stay this big forever(:

Kristin said...

Bonn she's so beautiful and SO BIG!! And I still haven't even met her yet!! :( Soon please!