Wednesday, September 7, 2011

thursdays...i pinned it, it did it! DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

side walk chalk paint! this idea was all over pinterest in the summer time. here is link to my original pin... it is so fun and so easy. perfect for the cooler days and nights ahead. you probably already have everything you need right in your pantry.

muffin pan or small cups
food coloring
and water

-mix equal parts cornstarch with water...i mixed 2 tbls cornstarch with 2 tbls water. this was the perfect amount for the muffin pan.
-then you add your food coloring. as many drops and combinations as you want til you get your desired colors.
- stir up the mix... if the mix is hard to stir it means you need to add a little more water. add small amounts of water until you get the right consistency. trying to think of a consistency to tell you what to aim for..... um maybe like half & half?
- then take it outside and have a blast. we used old craft paint brushes and let the kids "paint" all over the concrete. it doesnt matter if they make a mess. it all washes off super easy.

fun colors

jori even liked it :)

AND.... i made something totally yummy, my kids even liked it. our friend had given us a ton of zucchini fresh from their garden. i had them sitting in the kitchen for weeks thinking i was going to make some zucchini bread with them. but, im not much of a baker. so they just sat there.
then i found these YUMMY looking zucchini cakes and even had all the ingredient at home to try them as well. they were so good. i was pretty proud of myself for making something so "fancy". ha ha probably not so fancy to most people, but it took a few extra steps than what im used to for just a side dish. however, it was pretty easy and quick. they are on this weeks menu to have them again with dinner friday night. you got to try them out. click here for the full recipe and a much better looking picture of the delicious cakes.


Tara said...

Yay! 2 projects! I'm going to have to do the sidewalk paint! Too fun!

Ruth Poirier said...

fun fun, and the new recipe looks yummy

Kenzie said...

Looks like they all had lots of fun with that :) miss u guys so much and I ant wait till nxt summer :D