Wednesday, September 14, 2011

upcycled head band

all you need...
old tshirt
then if you want you can add a cute homemade rosette as well.
all i did was cut the sleeve off a womans shirt. i say woman's because the sleeve size was just right for joris little head. lay the sleeve flat and cut a strip the width you want. you can usually get about two headbands from each sleeve. its that easy... no sewing. then you just slip it on a cutie little head and smile at how easy that was. i added a little fabric scrap rosette to jori's with a safety pin so i can use it where ever i want. there are tutorials for fabric rosettes all over the internet and they are super easy as well. click on the link above for just one way... i use hot glue instead of fabric glue.

one thing i need to say is i have not come up with a solution for the babies stretching them out to much. if you pull on the tshirt material to much it becomes all stretched out and will no longer stay on babies head. but hey you were gonna just get rid of the shirt anyway right? if you know of a way to solve the stretched out to much problem let me know.


Sara said...

i know my tshirts and jeans always shrink back up after being washed and dried. maybe it would help a little if you threw it in the laundry? it's super cute! her outfit is absolutely darling.

leah said...

Oh I love it!! I was wondering if it would stretch out or not... either way so cute!