Monday, September 12, 2011

great weekend

this past weekend was a good one. felt like a normal one. we seem so busy sometimes and our weekends just seem to slip away with us each doing different things. this weekend was the annual Warrensburg Yard sale! warrensburg road takes us out to camp and each year the weekend after labor day, all the houses and businesses on this road do a HUGE yard sale. miles and miles of yard sales! now these are windy country roads so we throw the kids in the back of the pickup truck and drive slow til we spot something we want to check out closer. we gave the kids a few bucks to spend and headed on a treasure hunt. i was so excited this year because i was looking for a few specific things. i am going to do two craft sales this fall and was looking for a few pieces to help with display and to create fun new things out of old forgotten things.

thursday and friday before the sale, the kids werent feeling to well. we had the stomach bug pass through our house. determined as dave and i were we still took them all on our little adventure. while we were out garret got sick twice, and we had an emergency port-o-potty visit but nothing could put a damper on my day. even sick kids. ha, they were troopers that is for sure. we probably owe them some ice cream or something :)

i got some great finds and was thrilled with the prices i got it all for as well. i wish i had a picture of what warrensburg looks like during this weekend. it is the best! old country yard sales.

sunday the kids and i all stayed home to make sure we werent going to get anybody else at church. all the kids seemed to be doing much better and by the afternoon we took advantage of an AWESOME day and went for a little hike with some friends. we stopped at subway and got some dinner to eat up on top of the mountain.
this was the first time jori used the hiking pack. remember how little she was when we took her on this hike last time?
we made it to the top!
look at that view. what a clear beautiful day.

the lighting was great for a few quick pics of the kids.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.


Linda said...

Glad everyone is on the mend and I can't imagine miles of yard sales!! Can't wait to see pics of your finds and how you will display your crafts! Looked like the most gorgeous day for a hike and I forgot how dark Jori's hair used to be! Great pictures!

Tara said...

Miles of yard sales sounds incredible!!!! What a fun day! And I love the pictures from your hike! Beautiful!

Ruth Poirier said...

I look forward to a time when I can join you all for another yard sale, kinda glad I wasn't there this year though, haha. The hike looks so beautiful. The kids look great in spite of the day before :) Cant wait for the craft sale!