Thursday, September 29, 2011

thursdays...i pinned it, i did it

this past week, brenna and i did a little craft together. the kids LOVE to do "projects" and i found this cute one on pinterest. click on the picture to see other fun kid crafts i have pinned.
Pinned Image

clothespin horses/zebras
what you need:
corrugated cardboard
three clothespins
hot glue gun

first i cut out the shape of the body then brenna did all the painting. we didn't have black paint so her zebra became very colorful. i love it even better than black and white.
after all the pieces dried, we clipped the legs onto the cardboard. we did not glue them because we wanted to be able to position them differently. then i glued the head to the body and glued the yarn on for the mane and tail.

raelyn was at school while we made them, but she has enjoyed playing with them as well.

i love how this art teacher took this idea and ran with it in the classroom. so fun.

thankful for:
mrs. marshall loving my son like he is her own
people that have journeyed before me
baby kittens that don't have to be bottle fed any longer
our church starting up an AWANA's program and that the girls love it so much


Tara said...

Yours are adorable! And I love that they can sit too!

Linda said...

Great pictures, great creativity, great fun! I love how simple those horses are, and yet how colorful, versatile and fun for kids!

Ruth Poirier said...

very fun project, not just to do but to play with too.