Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fun with the pinata

the pinata was a huge hit (no pun intended). the kids had a blast making it and then they had a blast breaking it open. this Easter we spent with the Widmaiers. Daves brother and family, sister an family, aunt and uncle, cousin and his family were all together. Daves cousin has a 6 year old boy, Devin, so garret had a blast with all this cousins.we let the little guys go first... brenna didnt want to give up the bat. i was afraid it would break really easy so we blind folded the boys for their first shots. it ended up being really strong and took forever for it to break, but that was good b/c everyone got a lot of shots at it. raelyn was shy about it and didnt want to give it a wack. not sure why? maybe b/c she is the one who worked so hard on it :)

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Tara said...

They looked like they enjoyed it so much! What a cute pinata egg!