Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Color

Daves cousins wife, Cindy, filled over 250 plastic eggs and brought them down with her from PA. the kids could not wait to run over to the dinning hall and fill up their baskets! hunting for easter eggs brings back such fun memories for me. i love watching the excitement on their faces as they found more eggs and the baskets were pouring over. cindy was so kind to do ALL those eggs.
FINALLY released from the garage :)

the boys found an egg up in a tree that they couldnt reach...

garret tried climbing the tree but still couldnt reach it.
aunt debbie came in with brenna and she got the prized egg!

all the girls
all of the cousins together! we sure did have a good time with all the cousins. i gets so loud when we are all together but i guess that just means we are having a lot of fun.

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Tara said...

Absolutely! FUN = Volume!

PS. I love the picture that you took of Raelyn and her easter basket! Beautiful!