Monday, April 20, 2009

little birdie

crazy! dave had been in florida all of last week, so one night garret , brenna and i went to kay and georges for dinner. i forgot to leave any lights on for us when we got back home. i was getting the kids into the bathtub and kept hearing stange noises in my bedroom. i was starting to freak out, then i recognized the noise and it was a bird flapping around!!! my room was pitch black and i was afraid to walk across the room to the lamp for fear of a bird landing on my head and pecking my eyes out. anyways, i worked up the courage to get to the light and this is what i saw. a poor baby bird, scared to death. you may be asking... how did the bird get in her room? well we just exposed a an old fireplace in our room that was previously boared and drywalled over. when we opened it up, it was just a big hole up to the sky. in the spring birds like to build their nests up at the top of oour chimneys and i guess this little guy fell in.

so after we got brenna into bed, garret and i braved the bedroom and tried to rescue the bird. i was able to genlty put a towel around it and then pull him off the curtain. i let garret hold him for a little while and then we let me go outside. dont know if he made it or not. he was pretty disoriented. he kept flying towards light and bumping into things. :( anyway, just one of our many adventures while dad is out of town.


Tara said...

Oh my! That would have scared me to death, hearing that bird flying around your room. Poor thing! So glad that you had brave Garret there to help you catch him!

leah said...

haha that definitely would have scared me too! I'm sure that Garret LOVED having an adventure like that with you though... glad you got it safe and sound outside!