Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our new babies

ok, so just warning you, you will most likely get tired of looking at pictures of baby chicks after this post. i just have such a hard time picking only a few. my kids are pretty darn cute too :)
the kids are SO excited about them. just look at his face! last week a friend of mine told me that Tractor Supply had baby chicks an ducks that the kids could see and hold. i thought it would be fun to go and check them out. when we got there we of course fell in love with them. dave was out of town so i didnt think it would be a good idea to surprise him with chickens when he got home. so we left that friday empty handed. dave got home on sat and on sunday we all went back over to the tractor supply. we added up the cost to get the chicks, the food, the feeders, the waterer, and to build a chicken coop and than decided that we would go ahead and take this project on. we ended up getting 5 chicks. they are called pullets. the chicks will lay eggs as they get older even without a rooster, we will have eggs to eat but not more baby chicks. which is ok with me :) so the journey has begun. life with chickens. i will keep you updated as we learn how to do this.
brenna does GREAT with the chick and is so gentle. they usually fall asleep with her, unlike the other kids that are just to excited.
love this series of photos...

mother hen... she would hold them all day if i let her.

the chicks new home for about a week longer until they dont need a heat lamp. we will build a chicken coop in the backyard for them when they are big enough to be outside.


Tara said...

Oh, I wish we were closer and could come and see them! They are so cute and remind me of my teaching days! We incubated eggs and then watched the chicks hatch. We always kept them for about 2 weeks after that and played with them. The kids just love baby chicks! So cute!!!!

leah said...

how cool Bonnie! The kids seem to love them... what an adventure!

Julie said...

how fun! you're kids look like they just got the best gift ever! too cute...the chicks and your kids!

Heather said...

wow! that's awesome! I love all the pics...they came out great! what fun for the kids! james has always said he wanted chickens...and goats for that matter. all i can think about is how much they poop and stink. i'm such a party pooper. maybe someday i'll come around. :)