Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of july 2011

celebration on the 3rd...

daves brother and family decided to come for a quick visit before camp hit full swing. they live in nashville so it wasnt to far of a drive. they arrived on the 3rd. we enjoyed a great picnic dinner and then headed to the pond to go fishing.

there were enough polls for all the kids to fish. daves brother has three kids all about the same ages as our kids to the cousins had a great time fishing together.

grandma kay with the two littlest cousins... jori and ruthie
brennas big catch! a bass.... brenna makes me smile to big. she put her thumb right in that fishes mouth and held on to it. growing up i was the only one out of me and my brothers that would hold a fish! thats my girl. :)
after fishing we laid jori down and headed out to the basketball court at the camp and lit off some fireworks. we started with sparklers. i always loved the forth of july as a kid. loved the sparklers and fireworks.
this is the first time in many years that we have not had a camp group here on the 4th. so that means this was the first time in many years that we got to celebrate the 4th with daddy. that made my heart happy. i love doing things with the kids that i loved from when i was a kid.
dave went crazy buying fireworks so we had quite a show. in east tn you can buy all kinds of crazy big fireworks. we all had a great time. garret loved picking out fireworks with dave and then having him there to light them off together. garret was so busy that night i didnt get a pic of him, but he sure did enjoy himself.


Tara said...

My Jamie and your Dave have so much in common. Jamie would LOVE to buy fireworks (big ones especially) and set them off! We did sparklers with the kids and had a great time too. Happy 4th!

Linda said...

Looks like a fun day of food, fishing and fireworks! Ernie, Nick and Jamie usually light some up at our house too...boys just love fire as Mindy pointed out today in her blog!

Ruth Poirier said...

great catch up time for me to see, we missed all the pop, boom, bang this year. i love hearing what we did when you were young that has left an impression on you. thanks for being able to extend those fun times and building memories to kenzie.