Tuesday, July 5, 2011

math week in review

last week was MATH week here at the wid kids summer school. the kids decided it was not near as fun as science week, but i still think we had a good time. i didnt want to just focus on addition/subtraction and math facts so i tried to come up with some fun things they would like to do that had to do with math.

monday we went to the library again and exchanged our science books for our math books.
we came home and we talked about SYMMETRY-
we found symmetry in the alphabet, in shapes, in designs, in people and in nature.
i printed out some pictures of butterflies for them to color and we went outside and found leaves that had symmetry.
tuesday we learned about measuring:
we read a fun book and then i gave each of them a ruler and a tape measure. then i made a "measure- treasure hunt" and they had to go around the house measuring the lengths of items around the house. we talked about how they could find 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch on the ruler and made sure they were measuring things exactly. we talked about how important it is for daddy when he is building, to make sure he measures things exactly.
tuesday evening we picked up gram and kenzie from the airport :)

wednesday we learned about time:
gram and kenzie helped us make a giant clock and wrote down what we did each hour of the day. we talked about am and pm, minute hand and hour hand, and played a game with the clock we made. garret has been learning about time so he can pretty much tell time now all on his own.

thursday we learned about fractions:
kenzie helped teach the lesson. she said fractions were her favorite so i let her take over :)
in order to reinforce fractions we read a book and made our own pizzas!

the pic above cracks me up... i gave them some work sheets to work on too. dont they look excited ! ha ha .... oh well. they really werent grumpy, just looks like it in this picture.
it was the first time i had ever made a pizza crust. we bought a packaged mix and it turned out so yummy. the kids had a blast smoothing out their own crust.
yummy pizzas already to be cut into pieces and learn about fractions again... and then of course eat!
Friday we learned about money and how to earn it:
we learned what each coin was worth and read some books about how to earn money. we talked about saving, spending and tithing the money we earned. we painted piggy banks.
and we set up a table in the front yard to sell fresh eggs from our chickens, lemonade and cookies we made. we didnt have many customers as we are on a pretty busy road. hard for people to stop. but the kids had a great time and we did have a few customers. we even got to talk about what to do if your business isnt doing well. :) a teachable moment.
we had to take gram back to the airport on thursday but we got to KEEP mackenzie with us. she will be us until her week of camp which starts on the 17th. she has been a great help so far and the kids just love having her here. i am really enjoying her being here as well.


Ruth Poirier said...

math week was fun to be a part of and glad Kenzie is being such a great help to you, even though she's missed here. Those pizzas were really good, more crust mix next time!!

katie said...

i would have stopped, bonnie! i love fresh eggs and cookies!