Thursday, July 28, 2011

gram is here

the following week gram and papa p came up. dad helped out at the camp for the week, which was also mackenzies camp week, and mom stayed the kids and i. it was a whirlwind of a week as i had also committed to doing VBS. at the time i didnt realize it was the same time mom would be here.

everything worked out though and mom was able to stay home with jori in the mornings while i did VBS with the big kids. i loved that mom and jori had some special time together and that she was able to get a good morning nap in each day. when we would come home she was just so happy. i know it was because she got some one on one time and just soaked it all up.

gram spent some time with garret reading to him from an airplane book. he sure soaked up the special time too.

gram did lots of fun things with the kids but i never got my camera out for any of the other things. i just enjoyed having her here as well. on wednesday i got a sitter and i left all 4 kids at home so mom and i could have some time after vbs. it was a lovely afternoon of eating girly foods, shopping at craft stores and book stores and shoe stores. all the places i would have a hard time going to with the kids.

thanks for all your help last week mom. your the best. we all love and miss you. wish you lived around the corner and we could see you everyday.


Ruth Poirier said...

This was a sweet week for me. So thankful that God always has a better plan for me than I know myself. Miss u all big bunches.

Tara said...

Oh what a fun week with your Mom! I know that she'd love to be just around the corner from you too!

leah said...

I know the feeling Bonnie! Sure wish my mom lived closer too, what a great week!