Tuesday, July 5, 2011

flying with daddy

dave is a pilot. he earned his private pilots license a few years back and really enjoys renting a plane from time to time and enjoying the view. it had been a really long time since he had flown and was really missing it.
list past week, he had some time before camp got crazy to take the plane up for a little while. he took all the kids, garret, raelyn, brenna and mackenzie with him.
they were only flying about 45 minutes but got to see our house and the camp. below is a picture of our house with the trampoline in the backyard. pretty cool.
im always a bit nervous while he flies but he is a great pilot. i also know these are the kind of things the kids will remember for a long time.


Ruth Poirier said...

Mackenzie is gonna have so many great memories of this summer too. what a cool pic of your house!!

Emily S said...

very cool! who was taking the pics?