Friday, July 15, 2011

friday menu

breakfast: banana cinnamon french toast
lunch: turkey bacon wafflewiches
dinner: meatball subs and apple sauce

so yummy. the loved all the steps to making french toast. dont think we have ever made it at home together so it was their first time seeing being part of the process.
this was my FAVORITE lunch. these were so good. we got all the stuff to make some more again.
we also made the frozen apple slushies. again they were a hit! i plan on making these again while my mom is here. i think she will really enjoy them as well.

for dinner we made meatball subs and had apple sauce. easy dinner, that is for sure. the meatballs were just frozen ones and we dumped them in sauce while they warmed up.

as the kids were going to bed last friday they were so excited to see what we were going to make for breakfast.... i was happy to say CEREAL :) but i was more happy that enjoyed cooking week so much. at first when i said we were going to have a week all about cooking, garret asked why. i told him learning to cook was just as important as learning anything else.

thankful that he Lord has given me so much patience and energy to do this "school" thing with the kids this summer. summer is tough for me. it is hard when dave is fully involved with camp. every year in the past i have dreaded this time of year. only by gods grace i feel like i am actually surviving this year, and not only that but thriving as well. thank you sweet jesus. i couldnt do it without you.


Tara said...

Yes, you are thriving!!!! I can't believe all that you have done with your kids this summer! Your cooking posts have been so much fun. I never would've thought to put honey on waffles either :) Love ya!

Emily S said...

hey friend! Awesome job! I am so glad God has given you a peace about this summer. You are all in my prayers! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

You are cooking up a storm girl! You cannot be eating any of it , being so skinny. I love seeing kids in the kitchen.