Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thursdays menu

breakfast: pancakes
lunch: quesadilla faces
dinner: broccoli cheese soup and fish sticks

all three kids helped with the pancake making, pouring, and flipping.
lunch was quesadillas with veggies and fruit where they could create their own funny face. they learned how to wash, peel and slice their veggies. they loved peeling the carrots.
dinner was broccoli cheese soup. i was surprised by this choice. they all helped cut the broccoli and onions and took turns stirring and adding ingredients on the stove. we also cooked up some fish sticks in the oven.

since the recipe only made two servings i bumped everything up a bit and changed a few things around but this is what i kind of followed. sorry i never follow a recipe completely. dave laughs at me.

they all LOVED this dinner. raelyn declared it the "BEST dinner she had ever had in her whole entire life!"
for dessert we had pudding cones: another hit. we used fresh wild blackberries from out at the camp. so yummy.
my kids enjoying their veggies
creativity making things fun to eat and try
watching them learn and grow as we cook together
hearing the joy in their voices when they announce their cooking is wonderful and that we should open a wid kids restaurant called "Wids Place"


Tara said...

Love the pudding cones and quesadilla faces! yummy!

Linda said...

Looks like great fun, and delicious too!