Monday, July 11, 2011

wednesdays menu

breakfast: scrambled eggs
lunch: monster sandwiches
dinner: mini stuffed meat loafs

scrambled eggs in a jar- garret did all the egg cracking, they went right into a jar, then we added some milk and salt and pepper, we shook it up and poured it into the pan. he cooked them up and did a great job. i had to keep reminding myself that he can do this and just let him do it. he did awesome. i was proud. he was proud. and we all loved eating them.
lunch was so yummy... monster sandwiches. they are like little pizza pockets with funny faces on them. kids loved making them and eating them.

dinner was a special one. we picked all of dads favorite things to eat and made it all just for him. this was going to be daves last night of eating at home for about 4 weeks while camp is going on full time.

we had mini meat loaf stuffed with cheese, corn on the cob, onion rings and a toss salad. the kids assisted with all parts of the dinner. garret even put his hands in the meat and made the meat loafs.

a yummy day for sure.

a wonderful kitchen to cook in
fun new recipes to try
a great family dinner with dad
fresh corn on the cob

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Ruth Poirier said...

looks like lots of yummy fixin's and such great helpers!!