Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 things about ME

56.) i am a stay at home mom and so thankful that the Lord has provided for me to be able to do so. being a mom is the hardest thing i have ever done, cant imagine doing it while working outside of the home too.
57.) i have a BFA in Painting and a art teaching certificate from FAU.
58.) i started out going to UCF and then transferred when i got married.
59.) i was only 20 when i got married.
60.) i look like a baby in my wedding pictures
61.) i did my own flowers for the wedding and my mom made the bridesmaid dresses
62.) i love art, always have, it was my favorite class even when i was little
63.) i dont have a lot of time to create art anymore and i miss it
64.) i try to MAKE time for it, i am a better mom and wife when i can create.
65.) i started making fun creative cakes when garret turned two and have been making them since. this is a pic of raelyns third b-day cake. (third fondant cake)66.) this is my sweet friend Tara who got me hooked on blogging in the first place, getting to do a crafty project with her.
67.) garrets third birthday cake
68.) brennas first birthday cake and my first fondant cake. i think my favorite of all the cakes if made.

69.)my art room
70.) i love to scrapbook and have made a book for each of the kids first years.
71.) my good friend carrie started a MOPS group in greeneville and asked me to be the creative activity leader. it has been a good challenge for me. i probably would not have said a word to anyone if i wasnt forced to. i am a shy introverted person.
72.) garret 5th birthday cake

73.) i miss my blazer
74.) i became a mini van mom right before brenna was born, but i am adjusting
75.) i oppologize for the cake pics not being in order.... i am lazy blogger too i guess.
76.) i have been trying to exercize 4 times a week
77.) i make my own marshmellow fondant for my cakes
78.) i love roller coasters
79.) i have very fair skin and freckles, i always wished i had tan skin.
80.) i like to change my hairstyle often but getting it cut is hard to do when you have to sceduale three kids.

yeah... excited i only have 20 more to go. so what do you want to know about me? i am running out of things to say.


Tara said...

Great job! I loved each one, especially seeing pictures of your cake:)

And I'm so glad that you are blogging. Even though we live in different states, I feel like I get to "see" you and the kids at least once a week:)

And I'm so proud of you for doing MOPS. I don't think she could've picked a better craft leader!

So....what do I want to learn about you? Share any interesting facts, like things you hate, things you like, things you have to have, or embarrasing things...

leah said...

Bonnie I love all your pictures of your cakes. Your first one that you did is my favorite too! I love how artsy people have so many talents... cakes, painting, crafts, scrapbooking, etc etc etc!

I want to learn more things about you and Dave!!

Brook said...

I would KILL for your art room. :) I love reading these about you!!! Keep it coming.