Tuesday, March 10, 2009


spring has been showing its colors and warmth the last couple of days and we have been soaking it up! today i took the kids over to an old house that no one is living in, they are working on it but living there. every spring the entire yard blooms with daffodils. i always drive slow when i go by to take in the beauty. i was so nervous that someone would stop and get mad at me for being there, dave calles me a chicken. anyways, here are some shots i got of the kids this afternoon.
the dress that raelyn is wearing, is one that i wore when i was three. my mom just sent it to me. hope you like these pics mom!

maybe my favorite shot of the day.

i love how you can really get a sense of how spring has really JUST arrived. the big trees in the background still dont have any leaves.


Tara said...

I love these!!!! They turned out so cute. What a gorgeous yard and what a great idea that took much confidence but was totally worth it!

mom said...

these pictures were so beautiful!!! the flowers, the sunny skies, and my grandkids. thanks for putting that little dress on raelyn, she's adorable. thanks also for using this talent God has given you with the camera to be so bold and have such awesome results. you have been interested in photography since highschool, i'm happy it's time to go forward with a dream.

leah said...

oh my gosh all of these are so beautiful bonnie. The colors in the pictures are amazing, I am SO envious of your camera!!!

Brook said...

Wow. You have so many beautiful places to take photos up there in TN. Those daffodils with the blue dress... ah, just SO visually stunning. Love it.