Thursday, March 19, 2009

baby gage

i got to spend some time with my friend emily and her cute kiddos baby gage and big sister grace last wednesday. gage is just a few weeks old so i got to get in some more newborn practice and spend some time outside with grace too. grace is just the sweetest most well behaved little girl. i loved my time with her. gage is a sweet little guy too. he was a trooper while we tried all different poses on him :) i am still having a hard time getting the lighting just right. my outdoors pics are better than my indoors. ok so here are some of the shots i got... thanks emily for letting me practice on your family.

waving to the camera

look at those blue eyes already!

emily had a cool antique wash and shave stand. i am not super happy with any of these pics. the lighting was hard, but we might try again and bring the whole piece outside and see what kind of pics we can get. emily was up for us trying anything.
sweet big sister grace.

we took a walk across the street to see grandpa and the horses.

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leah said...

I love that picture outside of the mom holding the baby in the blue outfit. Seems like you have that camera completely figured out!!!