Saturday, March 7, 2009


the weather is getting nicer so we have been outside playing the last couple of days. brenna found the pots of dirt and had a good old time. this is something i have a constant battle with. i love to have flowers and a garden but the kids always seem to stomp them, pick them, or dump them. i guess the dirt is just to tempting :) i remember making mud pies as a kid in the backyard. however i didnt use the dirt from my moms flower pots ( not that i remember anyways, mom may have a different story)

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mom said...

hey i'm gonna be the first to leave a comment cuz i've cruising yours and tara's blog. what an awesomr looking desk you got there and when you were little we had a huge sandbox, play area you could do whatever in so you never messed with the flowers. i see sunshine in those pictures both in the skies and in brennas you and have a great rest of your birthday week :)