Sunday, March 22, 2009

flight to kitty hawk

a few years ago dave went to the outter banks of NC to help his uncle start up a new donut shop out there. he worked for about a week and built out two stores. the donut shops were a hit so his uncle decided to do one more. so dave went back over in jan and worked on the third store. it is just about time for tourist season over there so the new store is getting ready for its grand opening. dave and i had the opportunity to go over before the big opening and spend some time with his uncle, eat some great fresh cooked while you wait donuts and i got to see all of daves handy work on the stores. they turned out so nice. he built walls, cabinets, counter tops, shelves... lots of work and it turned out so nice. we had a great time there in the outer banks, however getting there was a different story. we had planned on flying over there. it is a 9 hour drive vs a 3 hour flight. although when flying in a small plan, you are at the mercies of the weather. we watched the weather for days making sure we would be good to go. storms came and went. by the time we were finally able to get out of town and in the air another system had come through. daves flight instructor said we should be fine so we got in the plane and took off. not more than 15 mintues into the flight the weather got really bad. we were engulfed in clouds. i have to say, DAVE IS AMAZING
and flew like a champ while i was freaking out. silently, but still freaking out. so for the next 2 1/2 hours we flew through terrible clouds , rain and turbulance. even the landing was a hard one with gusts of 23 knots.
some thing really cool about the landing is, it was right next to where the write brothers did all their test flights. we got to see the write brothers monument. it was pretty cool for dave to land there. the lord was watching out for us and daves excellent training paid off but i sure didnt want to get back in that plane for awhile.

we stayed the night in a huge house on the beach with his uncle. we didnt sleep to much that night after the flight but did get to sleep in a little in the morning. then we headed over to Duck Donuts to get some hot and fresh goodness.

After donuts we actually got BACK in the plane and flew to raleigh to spend some time with the dews.
(here is a picture of the outerbanks as we took off....)
we always have a great time with them and wish we lived closer. our visits are usually super short but they are always filled with good food, lots of laughs and fun fellowship. tara a jamie have almost two year old twins. they are cuties an growing so fast. here we are enjoying some Goodberry's Frozen custurd. SO good.

super mom with both kiddos.

our flight back home from raleigh was fine but it will be awhile before dave gets me back in that plane.


mom said...

great pics of babies again and the donut shop awesome job dave. i heard a little about the flight, so glad you're home and hope you had an awesome time

Tara said...

Wow, Dave! That donut shop is so nice! What a great job you did on it- Sure wish we had been able to join you on that part of the trip (maybe not the flight part, but the huge house and fresh/hot goodness part!)...

Glad that you all got back home safe!

PS. Love the pics of our two at Goodberry's! What a great photographer you are!

leah said...

Bonnie I actually thought of you guys when I was in that plane out of White Plains, NY. You guys are troopers doing that... I would be freaking out too. So glad that Dave is trained so well!

Glad you had fun with Tara... I love that shot of Natalie that you got!