Saturday, March 7, 2009

first 25... 25 things about the kids

1. garret is so strong, it blows me away the physical strength this boy has.
2. he is doing pretty good in kindergarten although he finds it really hard to stay focused.
3. he loves to eat at Pizza Inn
4. he loves to eat anything really!
5. raelyn loves to do whatever her brother does
6. so that means she loves Pizza Inn too
7. however she wont eat anything, she is much more picky
8. raelyn has the most amazing eyes i have ever seen
9. she had to much hair when she was born we called her tina turner
10. i had all my babies with no pain meds!
11. brenna is sweet as can be
12. i felt like i was totally in control of my body when i gave birth to her. it was an amazing experience.
13. i was REALLY sick right before she was born
14. i wasnt due for another week but my mom came into town to help me get better and take care of the other kids, the day she was supposed to head back home, i went into labor.
15. it was great to have her here, gods timing is perfect.
16. brenna sucks her thumbs, garret took a pacifier, and raelyn did neither. she wouldnt even take a bottle.
17. it is amazing to me how different my kids are.... i hate when people say the raise all their kids the same way, of course that wont work, the kids are all different, you have to raise them according to their needs
18. raelyn called daves motorcyle a "roller coaster" the other day
19. brenna is talking so much these days and picks up a new word each day
20. garret knows 78 out of 90 site words we have been working on since the beginning of the year
21. raelyn loves for me to read her stories. she memorizes most of them.
22. the state of tennessee has this amazing book club called the Imagination Library. each month the kids get a new hard cover book for free until they are 5 years old. it is so fun for me to go to the mailbox and see a new book.
23. garret and brenna share a room b/c raelyn is a night owl and would keep brenna up all night
24. all the kids wake up to early for me.
25. i really cant believe i have three kids to be honest. it is way harder than i ever thought it would be. i think discipline is my biggest challenge. i didnt have a clue that it would be all day everyday, correcting and redirecting, but God is good and he promises to never give me more than i can handle. (well at least he sends dave home just in time :)

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leah said...

I love all these, I had no idea you had all your babies without epidurals!!