Tuesday, March 10, 2009

next 30... 30 things about me and dave

1.) there are 8 years between dave and i
2.) my parents used to do bible study at his parents house. him and his brother were in charge of watching us little kids
3.) one bible study night i remember telling dave i could tie my shoes with my eyes shut
4.) after that i dont think i spoke another word to him til i was in highschool and he was a leader in the youth group
5.) we still didnt talk much, i was super shy and he was always the guy in front of everyone
6.) dave and my dad became accountability partners dave was around our house more and more.
7.) we would always give me a hard time, one time he made my cry and i screamed at him. i think i scared him :)
8.) around the time i went away to college, his parents moved to tn to start a christian camp, so he took my place at the poirier home. i remember calling home numerous times and dave answering the phone telling me how good the dinner was that my mom had made him, while i ate mac and cheese.
9.) when i would come home from school i would hang out with dave, all my other friends went to school in a different state.
10.) he would take me on motorcycle rides and to the beach, but i was trying REALLY had not to fall for him. he was super friendly to a lot of girls and they all fell for him and when he realized he RAN. :)
11.) after a long time on praying on his part (like 9 months), he talked to my dad and asked if it was ok for us to date. my dad was thrilled. so he told me he liked me, i didnt talk to him for 2 weeks!! i was so SCARED!
12.) dave is a great communicator so he made me talk out my feelings. we both ended up with terrible stomach problems through those two weeks. he had an usler and i had a kidney stone.
ha ha... this makes me laugh now thinking back on it.
13.) when we were both sick we took our first of many road trips together. we went to Deleware to run paintball for his unlce.
14.) after 6 months of dating, he asked me to marry him on the day after christmas in Tn.
15.) the proposed by a campfire on his land in TN. there was a little old shed we took shelter in. it was freezing, he wrote a poem and then asked me to marry him. we call this spot the "love shack" now.
16.) 5 months after that we got married. June 10, 2000.
17.) it was a huge party, tons of people. we did it on a really tight and good budget that i am really proud of.

ok so now for some pics. these are in no particular order....

18.) we celebrated our 8th anniversary last summer.
19.) dave has had his private pilots lisence now for a year. we rent this plane and go for little trips some times. here we are in raleigh visiting the dews.
20.) we moved to Tn in Feb 2005 to help his parents run the camp. www.lviewranch.com
21.) dave is a great skiier. he is always pulling me off my skis and throwing me up in his shoulders or something crazy like that.
22.) sebring FL is our favorite vacation spot. been going there since i was like 10.

23.) dave has become a turkey hunter now that we live in TN. we actually ate a wild bird for thanksgiving this year and it was really yummy. we cooked it on the grill on the rostisseri. 24.) dave and i have always gone crazy with halloween costumes. garrets first year he was a pirate. 2nd year he was a shepherd, we made little sheep and then rigged up this belt that made it look like the sheep were following him. next year he was jonah in the whale and rae was a minnow, the next year he was a robot and rae was a cow girl, and last year the girls were butterflies and he was the butterfly catcher. fun times....

25.) i LOVE this pic of just the 3 us before the girls were born, just had to throw it in.
26.) dave has a motorcycle. i love to ride with him. never tried riding myself, dont really care to. one time he asked me to move it over in the garage and it fell on me! not good.
26.) this was our first house in florida. loved this place it was so artsy and cool!
27.) when we first got married we lived in a one bed apartment in Boca Manor. loved that little place, it was perfect for us. it was close to everything we walked a lot of places
28.) then we moved down the hall to a two bedroom apartment so dave could have an office.
29.) when we first moved to tn we lived in a double wide out by the camp. we did lots of work to it. it was huge and the kids had so much room to play in there. then in May of 2007 we moved into town to be closer to church and school and friends. we love it here.

30.) and really random pic at the end.... this picture was taken the day we found out we were pregnant with raelyn.


Tara said...

I loved reading these facts about you! Some of them I knew, but many of them I didn't! So interesting! (And I love the pictures you chose!) Praise the Lord for how He worked out all things and brought you two together!

PS. Dave is a great skier! He is the one that taught me how to ski!

PSS. Your wedding was beautiful! So glad that we were able to be a part of it!

Brook said...

I am so glad God brought you two together. You are a great example of what a marriage should be like!