Wednesday, June 24, 2009

another family hike

a few weekends ago we took another family hike. this time we went out to viking mountain to the black stack cliffs. we can see this mountain peek from our house in greeneville. we drove up to the top of the mountain and then hiked out to the edge of the cliffs. our friend matt took us up there and showed us the cliffs for the first time. the kids did great again and it was a beautiful site when we got there! i told dave he and i need to come back and do the hike again just the two of us and maybe a picnic. :)this picture was taken from where we started our hike, looking at the cliffs where we were headed. AWESOME!
this is when we first got out to the cliffs.
dakota loves to come with us.
we have a pic of my family when i was probably 11 or so.... at grandfather mountain with the bakers :) fun memories.
raelyn was quite the dare devil! we had to keep pulling her back.

brenna and i getting a closer look

dont know if you can see the christmas looking trees in the background... that is where we started.

brenna wanted to get out and climb too.

how sweet is this! garret said he wanted to hold raelyns hand to help her back down the mountain.


Tara said...

Wow, what a hike and what unbelievable pictures of your view. I love the family picture too, and the ones of Raelyn looking over the edge made me scared. I figured that would be Garret the dare devil:)

leah said...

that looks like such a fun time! So glad you are getting out and doing fun things like that with this beautiful weather!