Sunday, June 7, 2009

karate kid

my 11 year old sister Mackenzie is a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. i got to watch her "test" for some more points while i was in florida. it was so cool to see her do her thing. she was so good doing her form (a series of moves they have to memorize) that i wanted to get some better pics of her doing it. i asked her if she thought she could do it on the sand at the beach and she said she would give it a try. so one evening after dinner we all headed to the beach and i got to photography kenzie while gram and papa p played with the kids. i am not super happy with the pics b/c my settings on my camera were way off. i have this problem of not RE setting after the last things i took pics of. they look fine on the camera but when i put them on the computer i see the problems. i had my ISO set way to high for an outdoor setting so the pics got "grainy" or almost spotted. oh well. kenzie did great and we got a few good ones out of the mix.

love this one
action shot. this was part of a round kick.
sand was flying. she thought it was funny when she got me covered in sand.

love this one too!

she said she always makes a funny face when she kicks (which she does) but i told her that was just b/c she was so focused! the above is an awesome kick, funny face!

here i was just messing with some developing settings. thats what is so nice about digital. :)love you sis! you are awesome at taekwondo. we are very proud of you. thanks also for your help with the kids while i was there. you did great at that too. you are beautiful. keep up the good work. dont grow tired of doing what is right. xoxo.


mackenzie said...

i love you to bon. thanks for putting me on your blog :) i don't think the pics looked grainy. love you always, kenzie xoxo

Brook said...

Bon, some of these grainy ones I can totally improve for you in Photoshop. I have a few "tricks". Send them my way whenever you figure out how send over the full-res ones of my kiddos.