Thursday, June 25, 2009

dad olympics

last saturday night , in honor of Fathers Day, our church hosted their first ever dad Olympics. the dads and kids competed in different relays, had a blast, everyone got medals, dressed the dads up silly, kids and moms laughed... it was great. after the contests we had a big pot luck dinner that was so yummy. we sat outside on our blankets with our friends. god has really blessed us by giving us friends like this. it seemed like it took forever to make friends, but God has really given us some great ones now.
dave, chad, and brett, with all the kiddos
the great china noodle race.... super dad with rae on his back, dave then did another round with brenna in his arms too.
told you, we dressed them up funny. this game was called fish out of water :)

pie eating contest: garret didnt want to do it, but both the girls wanted to. dont think they got the idea of trying to eat it fast, they just wanted pie.

as soon as dave stuck his face in the pie brenna stopped eating hers. she had the funniest look on her face while she watched him getting all messy.
this is raelyn watching her daddy get all messy too. they were so funny.
Happy Fathers Day , Dave. you are a great daddy. thanks for even sticking your face in chocolate pudding for them :) you are so fun for them to be with and such a great role model of what a good husband and hard worker is. i love you.

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Tara said...

Love that last picture of Dave! What a fun Father's Day tradition. So happy that you have found a great church body to get plugged into!