Thursday, June 18, 2009

more pics of lily and raelyn

so i dont have a newborn to take pics of all day long every day (which i totally would be doing if i had one) that you all would get completely bored looking at, but i do have a beautiful little lady and pretty white pony for you to get tired of seeing. so, to bad :) .... here are some of my recent pics of the two of lily come grain before they head out for a ride.

daddy teaching rae how to use the reins and steer the horse.
beautiful light
one happy girl

love this grin!
there was a group out at the camp the night we came out to see dad and ride. when we came back to the dining hall the kids all came over and talked to raelyn and sydney (who was also riding with realyn). as we were going home that night, raelyn said to me "mommy, all those kids really liked my horse" :) she was so proud.
my girls :)
these last photos might be my FAVORITES so far with the new camera. i just love the light and shadows. i was so pleased with how they came out.

thats all for now. but i am sure there will be more to come....

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Tara said...

Keep the pictures coming! I never get tired of seeing your beautiful kids!!!! And I can just see Raelyn beaming in these pictures- She's so proud, as she should be!