Thursday, June 11, 2009

our trip to the zoo

been home for a week now and i am still catching up on our time in florida. last wednesday papa p took off work so all of us could go to the miami metro zoo together. there is a commuter train called the Tri- Trail that will take you to the zoo. i thought this would be so fun for the kids, to take the train to the zoo. well the train doesnt go all the way to the zoo, so we had to transfer to the metro rail and then transfer to the metro bus! the kids really did have a great time but it was a lot longer taking the train(s) than it would have been just taking a car. oh well. it was all part of the adventure. i cant believe it but i didnt get a single picture of any of the trains! i think i was to nervous about making we we all got on the right trains at the right times.the kids loved looking out the windows of the train checking everything out, excited about everything they saw.

raelyn waiting to get onto the metro bus.
finally at the zoo... when i was a kid, the flamingos were my FAVORITE.
once we got to the zoo the kids had an awesome time. most all the animals were out an about so the kids got a great view of the bears, tigers, giraffes, elephants and lots of other animals.
we even got to feed the giraffes. this was so cool.

thanks gram and papa p for treating us to this super fun day! so glad we could all go together. i had a great time too, even with missing the train :) funny stories to remind the kids of later on.

waiting for the bus to get back home.


mom said...

great times and great memories. did you et pics of our dinner of icecream and cheese curls at the train station? loved the pic of raelyn by the yellow poles, the one of brenna looking at the flamingos and garret withn the giraffes.awesome kids awesome pics. love ya

Tara said...

Oh what a fun day! Our zoo is opening a giraffe feeding station this month, but we didn't get to do that when we were there. I loved that you got to feed them!

Such cute pictures of such a fun day!