Monday, June 29, 2009

yummy cakes

i love decorating cakes, especially when they are for good friends and family. my friend amy asked me to make a cake for her son hudsons second birthday. he is all about john deere tractors right now so she asked me to make a tractor cake.
dave helped me with the tractor tire on top.. he is the best!

hudson loved it so i was happy.

i also made a mini fondant cake for my niece meghans 19th birthday. i also made some cup cakes and put them in ice cream cones and then covered them in icing and fondant circles. so cute.

wish i had some cake to eat now actually.


Tara said...

These are adorable, Bonnie! You are so talented with fondant... and believe me, if you were closer, I'd pay you to make all our cakes!

Nicole said...

ok Bonnie- as soon as school is over (Nov. 6) you must teach me all your awesome talents... one of them being these cakes. They are absolutely amazing! What a wonderful way to use your gifts... making cakes for your friends. I also think Greeneville would love to have a little cake shop! I can see it now...

Heather said...