Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photo Shoot with Amber Holritz

it is so cool how god works things out sometimes. even the small things. dave and i had never gotten an wedding album made. we have our proofs but the album was not included in our package. a wedding album was something that i had always wanted. i loved looking through my parents album when i was growing up, and still do now! i wanted to my kids to have something to look through of their mom and dad too. last november we met with our photographer to see if we could still get an album made. she said we could but it would cost a lot of money! since we got married "so long ago" all the pic were taken with film and not digital so if we wanted any cropping done or adjustments to the pics it would have cost even more! so the more and more we looked through the pics i was having a really hard time spending the money and it not being "perfect".

so this is where the god story starts.... i came across an old highschool friend whos husband is a photographer how is friends with another set of photographers, the Holritzs. i had come to love their blog and their work! when dave got me the new camera for christmas, i knew i wanted to take one of amber holritz's photography workshops. so in feb i went to chattanooga, where they live, and took the class. it was great, i learned so much! we have communicated a few time through email or facebook since then. i had mentioned to dave about using the money we had saved up for the wedding album to have her come and take some pics of our family. her specialty is family lifestlye photography..... so she posted on face book that she would be in miami the same time we were planning on being in south florida. god worked out all the little details and dave and i had the opportunity to do a shoot with just the two of us. (one day i would still love for her to come and shoot our family together)

dave and i had a great time and amber and her friend Ian who was shooting with her got some amazing shots. i am so happy with how they turned out and they will be something we will treasure forever. hopefully the kids will enjoy looking at them too from time to time.

so here is a link to ambers blog where she created a slide show for us. check it out!


leah said...

BONNIE!! These shots are amazing-- you guys look like freaking models. Absolutely love all these, I'm so glad you were able to get some photos taken! AND it looks like you figured out how to get them large on your blog, it looks great!

Tara said...

I love all these too! What a neat photoshoot!!!!! God is so good!