Tuesday, May 3, 2011

easter 2011

our family enjoyed a lovely easter celebration in south florida with my family. (i love how we are all bare foot in the picture above :) all these photos are from my iphone. i didnt even bring my good camera with me. i never regretted that decision this time around. sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the time and not always have the camera out.
we loaded a plane... all of us... on thrusday morning. dave had a bunch of frequent flyer tickets so we were all able to fly. we normally to the 12+ hour trip to florida in the car. we didnt have a very long time to be gone so it was really nice to fly and get there in half the time. the kids had a ball. they were so excited. they kept singing.. "im leavin on a jet plane, i dont know when i'll be back again"
easter morning jori enjoyed holding eggs and being held by papa pa.
great grandma and aunt margaret came over. it is always nice to spend time with them. and i love that my kids have a great grandma that they can know and learn from.
me and my honey easter morning
mom made a great ham feast for dinner on friday night because scott and nicole and logan would all be here too. she also had a easter morning feast on sunday. the food was great and the fellowship was even better. it was so great to spend time with my brothers and sister. i love that my kids got to visit with their aunts and uncles as well too.
gram made the girls easter dresses. they were so beautiful. the girls loved them too and think it is pretty special to have home made dresses.

kenzie was a great help with the kids. they love their aunt mack.
my handsome boy is getting so grown up. hard to believe, only about 16 more days of second grade!
this last photo is of the fam waiting in the airport to get back on our final flight back home. it sure was a fun visit. thanks to mom and dad for housing our rowdy bunch. our family is so big now, we kind of take over a space where ever we go.


Linda said...

I just love seeing pictures of the Poirier/Widmaier bunch! What a fun time I know you had and getting to fly looked like such a special treat! I'm sure being together made for a very special Easter!

Ruth Poirier said...

We had sooo much fun with all of you and so thankful for you to pack up all to come. I too am glad when you get to connect with brothers, sister, G-G and all. Come again anytime and take over, we LOVE it.

Tara said...

Aren't you so thankful for your iPhone to capture life. I have taken more pictures than I can count on that thing! I love all the ones you got. Looks like it was such a special time with your whole family. Love the dresses. Love the pic of you and Garret with your matching freckles. And love that you got to fly! How fun!

katiew said...

How fun that you flew! I'll bet the kids loved every minute of that. Your moments at the table with the entire family are just beautiful. What a blessing. And I love the dresses! Great job, Mama P. xoxo