Friday, May 13, 2011

mothers day 2011

alright so this is going to be one of those really honest posts. i always try to keep this blog completely real and honest. so here goes..... this mothers day i was a grump. i was wore out from an exhausting week before and really just wanted to some time to recoup.

dave had talked about serving up a grand dinner here at our house with all his fam. the guys and the big kids (daves sisters kids) were all going to do the cooking. i was feeling a lot of pressure with this idea and really feeling selfish. in order for us to have this big party, i had A LOT of work to do to get the house back in order. it was a disaster! i hate it when it gets so overwhelming but after the full week we had it just ended up that way. i was being selfish and didnt want to do all the work to get ready. also, in order for them to cook a nice dinner, that meant i would be entertaining the kids, breaking up fights, changing diapers, and serving them all by myself most of the day. oh that sounds so terrible and even as i write it now i know how selfish it is. but there are just some times i feel so burnt out. literally drowning, like the water is coming in over the top of my snorkel. do you ever feel this way?

dave was great and sent me out with some girl friends for dinner and a movie saturday night. it was a very nice little refresher and gave me some time to step back and think about my selfishness. i did get the house all cleaned earlier that day and felt great to get it back in order.
... little side note, we went to see Something Borrowed. i would not recommend it. i have not been to the movies in a very long time so i was completely shocked by the previews alone. every movie was about casual sex with someone other than a spouse in a situation WAY opposite of how God intended. this movie followed in the same suit and was a disappointment. we all joked at the end that our children were never going to be allowed to watch a movie rated higher that PG or even go to the theater for that matter :) even though the movie was a dud, like i said, dave was great to give me a little time to spend with my friends.

sunday morning, daves sis and her kids decided to do their own thing with just their fam, so it ended up that we spent a really nice day together as a family doing life TOGETHER!
(the kids and dave washed my car and even scrubbed my feet for me. it was a great day to be outside, and i enjoyed getting special treatment.)
that is what i love most. DOING IT TOGETHER. i dont want to just hand over the kids as soon as dave gets home and say i'm done. i just like having an extra set of hands and an extra big heart to help me with the training and raising of our children. i get refreshed when we can DO IT TOGETHER.

we met up with daves mom and dad and had a nice dinner at a mexican restaurant where no one had to prepare or clean anything up and bonus... i got to come home to clean house. it ended up being a really wonderful day.
the annual mothers day swing picture. to see photos from years past, click here. i love looking back and seeing how our family has grown. i truly am BLESSED and praying daily for the Lord to rid me of my selfishness. i think that is what all sin boils down to, being selfish. it steals my joy. i long for the lords Joy to fill me up so i can then spill my joy, HIS joy, over into my family.
mom gave me a fantastic book called One Thousand Gifts for mothers day. i will share more on this book soon. it really is AMAZING. if any of you are reading it or have read it, let me know in the comments.

alright that was long, but that was me. i hope all my mommy friends had a great day.
i didnt get to spend mothers day with my own mom but i did get to talk to her and let her know how much she means to ALL of us. we love you mom. thanks for being a great role model and still being there for me now that i am a mom myself. lets be honest, i probably need her more now even then when i was little. :) LOVE YOU.


Tara said...


Thanks for your honest post. I'm sorry that you were feeling overwhelmed, but I'm so glad that you had a girl's night and then such a wonderful day with your family.

Love you,

Kristin said...

Hey Bonn!! I am glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day, you deserve it!! I love the swing picture you do every year, and looking back at all the ones from years past. I miss you guys!!