Friday, May 27, 2011


may 19th was garrets last day of school.... he had many fun days leading up to his final day of second grade. his class trip was to Ripleys Aquarium. Dave and I both got to go with garret and we had a really fun day together. we also had jori with us, but there have not been many days were dave and i both get to just be with garret. he had a great time at the aquarium. it is a really fun place.

then on may 14th he had his cub scout graduation. the pack came out to long view for their ceremony and celebration. garret was promoted from a wolf to a bear. we have been so proud of his commitment to scouts this past year.
after the ceremony and lunch all the scouts came down to the Long View fishing pond. it was so fun to see all the people around the fishing hole. many fish were caught. many smiles on kids faces.

may 17th was garrets awards ceremony at school. garrets class voted on superlatives for each of the kids and garret was voted "the friendliest"! what a special award. he also received a second award for Outstanding Achievement in Music. i think he has a gift for music. we really need to get him some lessons, not sure what yet, but i think he would really enjoy it all.
the above pic is of the amazing Mrs. Marshall. she will always have a special place in my heart. that is for sure!!

may 19th was their last day of school so we celebrated by getting some ice cream from TCBY. it has become a tradition for us to go there on their first and last days of school.
so now summer break has begun. we have had a rough start to be honest. i feel like we have been hit with one kind of sickness after the other. hopefully we will get it all out of our systems now and be healthy all the rest of summer.


Linda said...

I really can't believe Garret will be a third grader! I love the tradition of ice cream on the first and last days of school...can Mr. B and I do that even though we don't have little ones in school? Sure, why not! Thanks for the idea! And I hope all get well are in the same boat with the Dews and us!

Tara said...

Wow! Way to go, Garret! So proud of all that you have accomplished!

PS. Sorry ya'll have been sick. We've had fevers and strep in our household this week! No fun!