Friday, May 20, 2011

oh so easy sugar scrub

first i want to say that i have enjoyed reading comments from readers i didnt know i even had. that was a nice treat. :) thanks so much for your comments. its a little exciting....
(i wish i had used a better pen to write on the tag, this doesnt look very nice, oh well, instant gratification took over.)
we made this super easy sugar scrub at our last MOPS meeting at the beginning of May. i looked on line and found MANY blogs sharing their sugar scrub recipes, some very simple and some more elaborate. for me it was all about cost as well as simplicity.

what you need:
-small mason jars (you can use whatever size you want but the amounts listed are for the small jars.)
-1/2 cup of sugar per jar
- 10 to 12 pumps of hand soap (choose whatever scent you like best. i got a few different ones and we all choose the one we liked best) i am not sure how this would turn out with antibacterial hand soap? i just used regular hand soap.
- fabric square for top of jar
- ribbon or twine to tie around jar
- gift tag ( i got mine at the Dollar Tree, 20 for $1)

how to:
- mix sugar and soap in a separate cup until well mixed. add more soap if needed.
- pour into jar
- pretty up your jar

THAT'S IT!!! so easy. you could crank out a bunch of these if you wanted to do them as party favors too. the kids and i enjoyed making them for their teachers and the MOPS gals loved it too. i have gotten many comments on how much they enjoyed this craft.

to use the sugar scrub:
- stir first
- rub a small amount of the scrub onto hands or feet. rub to exfoliate dry skin.
- rinse clean with cool water

this is great for ladies that love to garden. a cute gift idea would be to fill a little basket full of gardening tools, flower pots and seeds and some yummy hand scrub.

....i also wanted to add that you can experiment and try out what you like best. i tried making this mix with hand lotion instead of soap and body wash instead of soap. they all worked great, just a preference on what consistency you want to end up with.

i hope you enjoy.

links to other hand scrub recipes:

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Linda said...

Wow Bonnie, I am always so impressed with your creativity...especially as a busy mom of four!! What a great idea for gift giving.