Friday, May 27, 2011

jori 10 months

oh my goodness.... i know i am biased but she is just the cutest! i could eat her up. when she smiles really big she gets a little dimple in her right cheek. her eyes are the deepest blue and she gets compliments on them all the time.
her arms arent quite as chubby any more. she seems to be slimming down more like raelyn was.
one more tooth popped through this month. the kids get so excited when she breaks another tooth. it is one of her "fangs" though. not the front top ones. it is the only one she has on the top. it is so funny. makes me smile a big smile when i see it.
she is also now standing on her own. she is getting more and more stable and has better balance every day. she is cruzing along the furniture and has a nightly walking lesson with daddy. i beg him not to teacher her that, but it is a special time for them :)
another thing i noticed this month is that her hair is really starting to fill in.
cutie tooshie. love this girl! ahhh its going way to fast. i know i say it each month, but it really it. and i dont really like it at all. i love the baby stage.


Linda said...

What a great picture of her gorgeous blue eyes! Love all the close ups and tell Daddy not to hurry things along too much with walking...I see alot of chasing in the future!

Tara said...

She is so beautiful! Love her eyes and dimples too!