Tuesday, May 17, 2011

so proud

thats what i feel right now.... so proud!
my oldest niece Meghan is leaving today for boot camp. she signed with the army just a few months ago. meghan is an amazing gal and will be a great asset to our military. she has been a student at ETSU and is planning on finishing school when she returns from boot camp. then she says she is interested in doing military police work. like border patrol stuff.
meghan will be turning 21 while she is at boot camp so we had a family celebration on friday honoring meghan. i snapped a few family photos while we were all together as well. the picture above also includes two foster children that debbie has loved and cared for for almost a year now. these boys have certainly become part of the family.

we even got meghan to put her uniform on for a few photos. we are all so proud of meghan and her decisions. we pray for safety and stamina while she is gone. she will do great! i cant wait to hear all about it when she gets home. she did inform us to NOT send her any cookies however. i guess you have to do 20 push ups for every cookie you receive in the mail! she is way braver than i!

WE LOVE YOU MEGHAN. will be praying for you daily.


Ruth Poirier said...

Meghan will be in our prayers as well. I admire her commitment to do this and stay away from the cookies too :)

Brook said...

Wow! She is so brave and I am so proud of her also. I remember babysitting her when I was a young girl. Now she will be defending me and my family!

Thank you Meghan for your service and dedication to our country. You will be in our prayers.